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CardknoxResponse Class

Object representing response from the Cardknox API endpoint.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  CardknoxApi
Assembly:  Cardknox (in Cardknox.dll) Version: 4.5
public class CardknoxResponse

The CardknoxResponse type exposes the following members.

Public methodCardknoxResponse
Initializes a new instance of the CardknoxResponse class
Public propertyAuthAmount
Public propertyAuthCode
Public propertyAvsResult
Public propertyAvsResultCode
Public propertyBatch
Public propertyCardType
Public propertyEntryMethod
Public propertyError
Contains error message if the transaction failed. Status will have the value of Error and Result will be E
Public propertyErrorCode
Contains error code if the transaction failed. Status will have the value of Error and Result will be E
Public propertyHasError
Public propertyMaskedCardNumber
Public propertyRefNum

Cardknox transaction Reference Number

Note: RefNum is always returned regardless of the outcome of the transaction.

Public propertyResult
Single character representing status
Public propertyStatus
Status of transction
Public propertyToken
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