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CardknoxApi Namespace

Namespace containing base classes
Public classCardknox
Primary object class for interacting with the Cardknox API.
Public classCardknoxRequest
Public classCardknoxResponse
Object representing response from the Cardknox API endpoint.
Public classCustomer
Public delegateCardknoxRequestCompletedEventHandler
Event Handler for when a request has completed. The results will contain the field values being received from the API endpoint
Public delegateCardknoxRequestStartedEventHandler
Event Handler for when a request has started. The results will contain the non-sensitive field values being sent to the API endpoint
Public enumerationAvsResponseType
The Address Verification Service (AVS) response code
Public enumerationCardType
Card type.
Public enumerationOrderType
Specifies if the order origin is Internet OR Phone for FraudWatch verification.
Public enumerationResultType
Single character indicating result
Public enumerationStatusType
Indicates the status of the transaction